4 Important Factors That Affect Your Weed Tolerance

4 Important Factors That Affect Your Weed Tolerance

4 Important Factors That Affect Your Weed Tolerance

When exposed to anything at an increased frequency, one’s body develops a tolerance. If you’ve been using cannabis for a long time, you may find yourself having to smoke more weed to get high – that, my friend, is because you’ve developed a tolerance. There are a number of important factors that affect your tolerance.

1. No breaks

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While cannabis is not addicted, using cannabis every day establishes a pattern in your body. In fact, your body has an endocannabinoid system, where receptors in the brain bind to various cannabinoids.

When you consume cannabis often, your receptors become accustomed to the biological pairing. By taking a break, you are able to give your receptors time to adjust, which will help you to feel those highs again.

2. Metabolism

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Cannabis interacts with each body uniquely. If you’re a professional athlete who uses a form of cannabis or a rarely active binge-drinking college student, be confident that these individuals will experience cannabis differently.

The psychoactive cannabinoid, THC, is stored in fat. So, if you’re incredibly active, THC leaves the body quickly. If you never hit the gym, it’s going to be in your system for longer periods of time, and building up each time you smoke. As a cannabis user, it’s your responsibility to understand that your activity level affects your tolerance in a big way.

3. Strains

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Believe it or not, the strains you consume have a huge impact on your tolerance! If you smoke some dank weed 24/7, you’re sure as heck going to experience the issues that come of a high-tolerance to cannabis.

If you only smoke top-shelf concentrates, it’s inevitable. If you are feeling like a dab or two doesn’t do it for you anymore, switch to a weaker concentrate for a few days!

4. Hydration

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Drink water all the time! Staying hydrated, whether you are smoking or not is so incredibly important. Water is the simplest way to flush anything out of your body.

Additionally, the more hydrated you stay, the less likely you are to find yourself having to take a tolerance break. Not only will you feel better with a little extra H2O, but you can keep on smoking!

What do you do?

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If you’ve read these factors that affect your tolerance, and find yourself shaking your head, it’s time for a tolerance break. Yes, we know, putting down the green for a few days sucks.

Luckily, so many before you have accomplished the feat.Lay off the tree entirely, or cut down on your intake significantly! Drink water, and stay busy. Your receptors are going to yell at you a bit, but you’ll come out the other side stronger and ready to puff.

Knowing what affects your tolerance will help you to enjoy cannabis with a higher knowledge of sorts. Stay smart. Take breaks. Switch up your strains and drink water. Now, happy smoking, or happy taking a tolerance break?

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